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Hey AJ! It’s Bedtime was painstakingly designed to be the perfect gift.



Hey AJ! It’s Bedtime was painstakingly designed to be the perfect gift.

The time dedicated to this intention, is immediately noticeable in the packaging, which is minimal yet fun. The large matte black polka dots and embossed logo on the front were intentionally placed with joy in mind.

We engineered the structure of this box to create a joy-building unboxing experience; the attention to detail extends to every corner. The UV coating gives the packaging a glossy sheen which makes the colors pop and creates a pleasing tactile experience. The magnetic hinged lid was deliberately engineered to further the joyous anticipation of opening.

Inside snuggly sits the heartwarming illustration of AJ! on a gloss laminated dust jacket which sports an aqueous varnishing protecting the book from scratches, sticky fingerprints, scuffs and other damage.

A thoughtfully placed pink satin puller ribbon allows you to gracefully lift the book out of its slumber with ease.

Remove the dust jacket and discover a remarkable midnight blue glitter linen hard cover debossed with metallic blue foil blocking.

The playfulness of the cartoony illustrations on the premium quality paper captivates the reader’s attention- immediately activating imaginations.

Every touch point of this extraordinary experience was imagined, engineered and designed to create a joyous experience.


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