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TOMONOSHi! Adventure Gear for Adventurous Children Memo 001

Good Day Adventurer!

It is of great concern that I write you this message my adventurous friend.

At TOMONOSHi! It is our mission to eradicate the crisis of imagination and make the world a playful place, for all people, of all ages.

After thousands of hours of imagining, investigating, researching, and making; here at the TOMONOSHi! i+d LaB in Houston, Texas — we have made many major breakthroughs that have brought us closer to achieving the goals of our mission.

Our curiosities have led us to many discoveries, such as, in order for us to make the world a more
playful place we must design and create multi-layered play opportunities for your imagination to engage with. In order to do this, we must first reclaim the lands and spaces dedicated to play, these spaces provide immediate play opportunities and are what we refer to as play territories.

There are three types of play territories—
1. Temporary Play Territories: Areas that require permission in order for us to play in or on.
An undedicated play space which we will own for play, for a temporary amount of time. Often
involves a social contract. Example, your mom allows you to build a fort in your living room,
we are allowed to play in the fort until the social contract expires then we must transform
the living room back into its pre fort state.
2. Permanent Play Territories: Areas dedicated to play. Locations that allow play for anyone
at any time. Examples are parks, playgrounds, backyards, and possibly your bedroom. We love these.
3. Pay To Play Territories: Areas dedicated to play but in order to participate in play one
must pay. Which include, but isn’t limited to, theme parks, arcades, fairs, circuses, and conventions.

All play territories are currently governed by those who play the least. Those closest to play, US,
the adventurous few have the least influence on the spaces being designed for US to play. These
uninspired, unimaginative structures are a vicious attack on our imaginations.

It is imperative that we change that. And in order to do so; we must go out and climb the hills that
have been abandoned, Run through the open fields and blaze new trails, we must reimagine the parks that have been built by those who don’t consider how or what we want to play. We must turn our neighborhoods back into safe spaces for play, full of shouting, laughter and games.

We reclaim our play territories simply, by playing in them.

To play at the highest level that we are humanly capable of, we must be dressed appropriately.

Trousers that allow us to run, dance, jump and kick.

Dresses that allow us to skate, punch, climb and fish.

Jackets that allow us to throw, chop, bend and hang.

Vests that allow us to pack, take, search and find.

Clothes that allow us to express ourselves through the movement of our bodies while we play.

This is exactly what we have imagined and created, for you, my adventurous friend.

MR. TOMONOSHi!’s Adventure Gear for Adventurous Children, a wardrobe that allows you to embark on any adventure that you wish.

Adventure Awaits…